Flex Printing

Flex banner printing is widely used these days in almost all kind of small budget events. We are also witnessing flex banner being used in events like birthday parties. Believe us its no fun putting in hours of hard work for getting your perfect communication with the help of thermocol, sketch pen, craft material.

Flex banner is relatively cheaper as compared to other medium of printing. It is strechable as well which multiply its use. Flex banner can be printed in any specific size but most printer wont take order where one dimension is less than 3 sq ft as that would be print head of flex printers. Few will offer you in any size but they invariably will charge you for minimum i.e. 3ft x 2ft ie. 6 sq ft of flex, which should be anywhere between INR 100/- to INR 200/- varying from printer to printer as per machine, color ink used, location, relationship with the printer and so on.

One way in which flex printing outperforms vinyl is quantum of flex which is printed on year on year basis and its rise which is truly phenominal.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl material comes in few varieties like eco solvent vinyl which can be with and without lamination as per the preference. Ink jet vinyl is also preffered choice of many companies these days as it stands out when compared to normal vinyl, star vinyl or eco solvent vinyl.

Vinyl is definetly better quality as compared to flex and if you are participating in an renowed event, then it is better that either you go with vinyl if board is there else try to fit in with sunboard along with few standees. You can also try going with star flex material which also looks pretty well and stands out.

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